Gender Equality and Tourism

Promotion of equal treatment

Tourism is a vehicle to promote tolerance and respect between persons. The sector gives a higher access to employment for women (If we compare it to other economic sectors). But as well, “Puts into surface” violations of human rights, or certain situations that can be in the “gray zone”.

Can you imagine that in certain countries a tourist, women, can be put into prison, accused of “extra-marital relations”, after passing a traumatic situation of been raped during its holidays, because of that country’s laws? Well, this is unfortunately the case nowadays.

Gay or lesbian couples are not well received in certain countries because of the cultural differences (That sometimes they are not willing to respect either).

Women in the tourism sector receive 15 to 20% less salary than men; Men cannot access certain jobs in the tourism sector as they are only “intended for women”;
To name some examples…

In this section, we will review different cases, to help us identify more in deep the problematic. We will see how the countries involved have reacted, as well as the preventive work that is done at different levels worldwide to reduce this type of situations.

UNWTO: Gender and Tourism

AUSTRALIA: Government helps reducing possible risks for LGBTI travelers when travelling internationally