Accessible Tourism

Universal access for persons with disability within the tourism sector: As a tourist and as a worker

As a TOURIST, the Tourism Sector is more and more aware on the importance of giving universal access for all to tourism services. In practical terms, this implies efforts from both, the government and private sector, to assure that infrastructure, facilities, tourism products and services are ready to welcome every tourist. Unfortunately, is not always the case. Nowadays the sector can welcome persons with motor impairment in relatively good terms, but is the same reality for persons with mental, visual, or hearing impairment?

On the academic side, particularly Higher Tourism Educational Institutions, must prepare future tourism professionals to know how to respond to the specific needs of tourists with disability. But is this happening?

To have a fair access as a WORKER if you have a disability, is also a pending bill for the tourism sector. Today, progresses are usually associated to the enforcement of a “Disability law” (Where a specific percentage of persons with disabilities are legally requested to integrate an Institution/Organization/Company…). But it is true too, that is still not a global priority to train the organization/entreprise on how to identify the type of posts more adapted to each disability.

The same as to work on the labour reconversion to the tourism sector of persons with disability.

In this section, you will find references to Countries/Organizations working hard to give universal access for all to tourism services, and how this can contribute for the protection of human rights.

UNWTO: Accessible Tourism

France: The label Tourism and Handicap