Children Protection

Unfortunately, tourism is one of the activities where has been identified labour and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. For example, some unscrupulous service providers allow sexual exploitation within their hotels.

Families in vulnerable economic conditions are aware as well on the economic benefits of tourism – which is why they send their children to sell souvenirs in the street, where many tourists buy them to support the local economy. Parents and Tourists overlook the damage caused to the children by “encouraging children” not to go to School, with all the danger this can bring to them.  But it is true too, that the tourism sector worldwide is implementing significant measures to protect them.

In this section we will show these efforts. Particularly progress being made by International Organizations, Public and Private Sector, ONGs and Academia.

UNWTO Actions Regarding Children Protection

Joint Statement by IATA and WTO on the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism

ECPAT Code of Conduct on Child Protection for the Travel and Tourism Industry in the Americas